Look at what our community is saying about Wasatch Commons. Here, we truly value our resident’s voices and opinions. It is important to us that each resident has a great experience living in our community. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at Wasatch Commons so that we can continue to improve. Here, our current and future residents are our top priority. Let these reviews show you some of the benefits of living at our excellent apartments for rent in Heber.


I’ve been living here for a year. I Really like it. It’s peaceful, the common areas are well maintained and everyone who works here is friendly. When something comes up and is reported, it’s taken care of immediately and efficiently.




Very helpful and friendly.my wife and I just singed a year lease at this beautiful property just minutes from park city


I really enjoy living here, the staff is amazing


Beautiful setting. Excellent customer service. They make moving easy.


With a very exceptional and positive team and staff... This was a no brainer for my family and I to live here. Shantel was very very consistent on any and every question or matter relating to moving in. And coming from Florida, that totally help ease the transition from moving from the east coast to Utah. I'd give a 10 stars ratings if I could. Very Professional team.


This complex has turned out to be a great place to live and overall a great experience. The team is responsive especially Shantel. I appreciate all the work you and your team does for us.


Verified Resident

Shantel has been so great with us she always solves all our problem so quick she is a great person i give her a 5 stars


So, let’s start at the beginning. I rented my apartment by long distance having seen it on the internet but never having visited in person. I was relocating to the Park City area for a job and did not have the luxury of time to apartment hunt in person before the move. The staff was super helpful and answered all my questions directly and according to my experience to date, honestly. Even the trick question. (Here’s a story I’ll bet you don’t see in any other reviews.) You see, I have worked in the real estate industry for over 30 years, mostly for Boards of REALTORS and their multiple listing services. One thing we stress to all agents, whether sales or rental agents, is that it is either illegal, unethical, or both to discuss aspects of the property that are not about the property itself. Discussions of the demographic composition of a neighborhood can easily devolve into steering or discrimination. I make it a point whenever I’m in the moving process to ask the rental agent something like, “So what’s the mix of renters here look like? Are there lots of kids? Are there many old people like me?” If the answer comes back with anything other than, “Oh, I’m sorry I really can’t talk about that, but I would encourage you to walk around or drive through and see for yourself,” then I turn tail and scoot. If they pass, I explain to the agent why I asked and that I’m not a fair housing tester but if I were the folks at Wasatch Commons would have passed with flying colors. And they did. The staff guided me through the application and signing process all remotely and all as smoothly as I could have asked. When I showed up a week later with my U-Haul truck and my Prius in tow, the keys were ready, the walk through took just minutes, and I was unpacked and moved in quickly and easily. I’m well into my second year here and have absolutely nothing but good things to say about my tenure. I’ve had a couple of maintenance issues: air-conditioning failing in the summer and a one time the furnace quit heating this winter. Calls to the maintenance number are answered immediately and the problems addressed just as fast, even nights and weekends. The maintenance team follows up with direct texts after their visit to make sure things are still working. One weekend morning last month my fridge went on the fritz. Stopped cooling altogether. The team came over within minutes, checked it out, made some adjustments and left. They texted an hour later to see if it was working and when they were told it wasn’t, they were there within a half hour, not with their tools but with an entirely new refrigerator which they swapped out in practically no time. Now that's good service. The complex is well managed. Snow (yes, we get a lot of snow – after all, it is ski country – “The greatest snow on earth.”) is removed by the time you’re up and ready to go to work. Common areas are well maintained. Pool area is always clean, and the grass is always cut. I’ve seen comments in other reviews from people who think the rent is too high, but I can attest that it is well worth what we are paying for and probably about half of what a similar apartment would cost in Park City, just 14 miles up the road, where I work. The 20-minute commute is painless and the savings substantial. No complaints here. All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to move into Wasatch Commons. I’ve had zero problems with the neighbors, no noise issues, children are well behaved and vigilantly watched by parents, and universally they clean up after their dogs. DOGS – yes, if you love them like I do but don’t have time to care for one of your own, just stop by the dog park any evening and you can play with everyone else’s puppies. Great fun. For all those reasons, I’m giving Wasatch Commons a five-star rating. You won’t go wrong living here.

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