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See what other people are saying about our Wasatch Commons apartments! At Wasatch Commons Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I had a great experience. Any issues I may have had were taken care of timely. The roads were always plowed consistently when needed. Shantel in the office was absolutely amazing! She made the experience from leasing, to moving out pleasant and easy!


To follow the guy who says all the cars have been broken into- i've been here for a good minute, have a nice car, and havent had a break in ever-neither have our neighbors- idk what building hes in but in ours weve never even heard of that happening... Ok. Time for the actual review. We LOVE living here. The price is more than fair and you get so much space! The dog park is our favorite. My puppy loves meeting all the new doggos and playing with them. In the 10 years ive had her this is by far her favorite place to live. Friendliest neighbors ever. If you need an egg or a cup of milk or a bigger pot i know i can ask any of my neighbors and its soo nice how friendly everyone is! The whole complex is incredibly cleaned and well maintained. It blows my mind how green the grass is because with all the dogs you would think it would be spotted yellow- but its not! Somehow they keep it green! The gym doesnt really have much but its definitely enough to get a good workout in. I havent used the pool/jacuzzi and probably never will for personal reasons but i imagine its as well kept as the rest of the complex I have one of the newly renovated apartments so i have a nice washer and dryer, faux granite countertops, stainless steel sink, and great appliances. The staff is also very kind (especially Scott) Overall its a 10/10 I love living here I plan on this being my home for the next few years Thank you guys for being awesome And to anyone thinking of renting- DO ITT!!


Moving in went great. But 2 days after we moved in, the noise from the apartment above me started. It sounded like a herd of horses was running through the apartment. Management was helpful to the point of threatening eviction if the noise didn't stop. The noise is getting better but still continues. My suggestion to anyone thinking moving in... make sure you ask about the people living above you. I requested a ground level apartment but didn't ask about the behavior of the people upstairs. Otherwise, I would recommend this place. It's well maintained and people are friendly.


So far it has been a really great experience.


Lived at Wasatch Commons for a year. The experience was fairly positive. The apartments we moved into were new so they were very clean and things worked as expected. We did have an issue with the brand new dishwasher after about 8 months but they were able to get it fixed pretty quick. Pros: The administration (specifically Krista & Shantell) are pretty understanding and will work with you as long as you have open communication with them. We had a few issues come up here and there (such as lost keys or mixed up move out dates) and they always worked with us but I think it's important to be proactive about communicating with them. They were always kind during interactions. The maintenance staff (Tom + Ryan) are the absolute best. Tom is a super nice guy who will go out of his way to make everyone in the complex feel comfortable and safe. He always went out of his way to bring dog treats to my dogs as well as other dogs and if any maintenance issues arose he was very prompt with dealing with them. He's the nicest guy and will always take care of anything you need. Easily the single greatest thing about living here is Tom. Fantastic facilities that are well maintained. Pool / Hot Tub + small gym and clubhouse. Cons: - The Highway can be very sketchy to turn out onto (especially southbound) because people tend to speed a lot along that highway. - The apartment inspections seem fairly frequent, they just check the smoke detectors and its pretty quick but if you have pets you'll have to be prepared for that. -In the winter months the ski resorts rent out apartments for their staff for the season. This can be hit and miss. We had some great interactions with the ski folks but also sometimes they'd be loud at night. One time we heard a commotion outside and saw a small crowd around two people who got into a pretty nasty fight. -The internet data package is high and is not optional which is annoying. -Generally expensive. That's pretty much everywhere right now though. Overall it's a pretty good living space. I wouldn't want to call it a long term home but it was fun while it lasted.


Decent units with management who are readily avail. The dog owners on the property need to learn to be responsible for their waste. its a recurrent issue w/poop



Great place to live! The women in the office are very respectful and help you with any problem that accures, I had absolutely no issues living here with my...


Staff is fantastic and friendly, they fix stuff very fast if it needs it and overall the property is clean.


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