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Take a look at what our community is saying about Wasatch Commons. Here, we deeply value our resident’s voices, and opinions. It is important to us that each resident has a great experience living at our Heber City apartments. Our staff truly cares about the renter, and our services are designed to bring you highly professional management. Discover a community that is centered on providing you with a lifestyle that is enhanced on a day-to-day basis by our unique features. Our future and current residents are our top priority, and we can’t wait to show you what sets our apartments for rent in Heber apart from all of the rest. See for yourself better living at Wasatch Commons.


I've been living here a little over a month and really liking it so far! It's a little pricey for the quality but the complex is nice and the people in the office are great! Really helpful!



i wish there was more emphasis on people cleaning up after their dogs and having their dogs on a leash. this seems to be ignored


I have been living at Wasatch Club Apartments for almost a year now and I love it. They are so nice and take amazing care of the grounds and landscaping. Best apartment complex I have ever lived in. There was a day my car broke down in the parking lot and the maintenance guy stayed late trying to help me fix it. Would recommend living here to anyone.


It's a decent place to live, I enjoyed staying here. Only thing that would make it better is getting washer/dryer in the apartments.


I have lived here for over 5 years and enjoy being here very much. The grounds are well kept and look nice. My apartment is sufficiently spacious & I like the way it's laid out; especially enjoy the view out the floor to ceiling double glass doors in the living room. More kitchen counter space would be nice and easy access to cabinet corner space for better storage. Management is service oriented & always pleasant and friendly. Maintenance staff are very nice and very efficient. Repairs are attended to the same day or next day unless parts need to be ordered and furnished appliances replaced quickly if unable to be repaired. Pool facilities are well maintained and adequate shade provided. I would like to see a dog park installed as some residents do not clean up after their pets. My neighbors have always been pleasant, friendly and quiet. The playground is small and for toddlers and young children only so I'd like to see additional outdoor recreational facilities for older children. Garage facilities are available for extra storage or a car which is a nice option. I feel that I have adequate storage space within the apt. and out on the lanai which also allows a space for relaxing outside on nice evenings.


First of all, I'm not really one to leave reviews for things... but I have lived at Wasatch Commons for just over the past 3 years and I feel I have some things to say about where I call home. I have lived in 2 different apartments during this time and both apartments have been excellent for my family's needs. I really have nothing but positive experiences with the tenants, office staff, maintenance and even the owners. If anything needed maintenance, I simply call the office and let them know what's wrong, within the next day or two, it's fixed. The grounds are very well kept (this is saying A LOT as Wasatch Commons is 'pet friendly' and it seems everyone here has a dog. I have 2). The pool and hotub are always maintained and the gym is also very well kept. The staff holds fun events and parties throughout the year and has been a great place to raise my kids. For the techies... the internet quality just recently improved and I'm getting 100.85Mbps Download & 79.93Mbps Upload speeds. I would not hesitate to recommend Wasatch Commons as a great place to live. And wow, what a view!


I am a current resident, we are on a ground floor level and recently had new neighbors move above us, they have 2 kids who literally ALL day from 5:30AM to about 10:30 at night stomp around the entire apt slam doors and cabinets play with the springy door stops bang on the walls, I had to call the police once at 3:30 in the morning once because of it, I cannot believe how inconsiderate these parents are letting their kids run wild, anyway I have went to the office and told them about the situation and nothing seems to be getting rectified, I inquired about moving to a top floor level and for the exact same floor plan the want another 100 per month and a 300 dollar transfer fee, that is REDICULOUS! Just so sad that going home now has to be a chore cause I can never have peace and quiet. However once I put a compliant in to AMC I got a call back within 24 hours and they are moving us to a top floor level keeping rent the same and waiving the transfer fee! Much appreciated so glad they made it right. Though it sucks to have to move the anxiety I got coming home and waking up in the morning from those inconsiderate people above me is worth it.


We've lived at the Wasatch Commons for over a year and a half, our experience has always been great. Last week I accidentally clogged our kitchen sink and food disposal, the lady's from the office were quick to send some one over to fix it. Though I was highly embarrassed because I'm constantly needing to call maintenance, Tom, one of their newest maintenance guys was quick to fix what looked like toilet water. He even went the extra mile to help me clean up the mess and took the bucket filled with water to dump else were because our daughter was running all over the place, he maintained a very kind professional manner at all time.


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