Look at what our community is saying about Wasatch Commons. Here, we truly value our resident’s voices and opinions. It is important to us that each resident has a great experience living in our community. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at Wasatch Commons so that we can continue to improve. Here, our current and future residents are our top priority. Let these reviews show you some of the benefits of living at our excellent apartments for rent in Heber.


I have been here for over 3 years. Great staff and good community. Very reasonable. I would recommend.


This has been a great place to live. The customer service has been phenomenal! Krista and her staff are endlessly accommodating and go out of their way to...


My husband & I moved here in November from Florida. We have nothing but awesome things to say about Wasatch commons apartments. We have a beautiful view of...


I love this apartment complex. We got the floor remodel and it is so worth it. Makes the whole apartment look more up-scale and luxurious. I would live here...


The management & staff at Wasatch Commons have been incredibly professional, present, & generously accommodating to us in every way. The sense of community they've worked hard to create is warm & inviting, and we've met some of the sweetest & most caring individuals & families, who we're so glad are now our neighbors. The staff works so well as a team, and any topic of concern has been addressed promptly, with genuine interest toward a swift & mutual resolution. We would highly recommend anyone looking for quality housing in Heber Valley to seriously consider Wasatch Commons Apartments.


My husband and I have lived here for a few months now and we love living here. Our upstairs neighbors are loud but oh well. Nice friendly people never had any issues with rude or intolerance to anyone. I give it four stars because our floors are crappy and are laminate and not real hard wood so everything scraps at it but other than that everything is good. We have had great experiences with maintenance and they have always been prompt and willing to do the work. Some people don't pick up after their dogs but such is life when you live with a ton of people who enjoy animals. Very affordable and close to I215 for easy access to downtown SLC.


I love it here, the staff is amazing and it is such a quiet pet friendly community!


Just moved in and everyone has been wonderful with helping move in. The staff is friendly and they genuinely want you to enjoy living there.


2013 review-- I absolutely love it here. It's sad to read the reviews. This place has 360 units and how many bad reviews? That balances out pretty good in my book... You take care of them and they take care of you. I couldn't have asked for a better place to live! 2015 review-- Follow up to my previous review. I still give this place 5 stars. I am still living here and just signed another year lease. (This will be my 4th year) I love the complex and the staff. They are so wonderful to take care of the needs in my unit and my own needs and requests. I never feel like a bother to them. I still believe that if you take care of your unit and your end of things, they will take care of you.


I was worried about this place at first because rent was cheaper than other places but it's been great. It's quiet and I have friendly and courteous neighbors. Things here are well maintained and the staff is great.

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